Did you know that embroidering was first done with bones?  We are so glad that times have improved, and embroidery is now done with needles on a commercial machine. What goes into embroidery?  thread, needles and a fast, commercial grade machine. We can have your image or artwork digitized professionally. Embroidery is great for professional looking apparel, hats, bags, or anything else you can dream of. If it can be “hooped”, it can be embroidered.

  • Pillows & Blankets

    Your Ideas Are Limitless With Embroidery. Look At This Cute Pillowcase!     

  • Patches & Badges

    Let Us Help You With Your Next Embroidery Project, Whether It's Hats, Polos, Bags, Or Even Pillowcases!

  • Polos & Hats

    Your Logo On A Shirt Or Hat Gives A Professional Look. We Can Outfit Your Entire Team!

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