Screen Printing

Why screen printing for your business?  Screen printing provides a soft, lasting feel to your apparel and merchandise.  At Well-OK, we do all screen printing in house, from the birth of your image to the finished product you take with you.  

Types of Screen Printing

A few distinct types of screen printing that can help your business are Plastisol Printing, Tag Printing, Simulated Process and sleeve printing.


    Plastisol printing is the most used printing technique in the industry, by using plastisol inks and laying it directly on the garment or merchandise of choice. Plastisol inks are particularly used for printing opaque graphics on dark shirts and can be used with multiple-colored images.


    Tag printing allows our customers to brand their shirts. We simply remove the original tag that is placed on the shirt and print the customer's brand on the rear inside of the neck of the garment. This is a fantastic way to highlight your brand and stand out!


    We often use simulated process for printing, as this is a process where we simulate a full color design by using spot colors. Spot colors are the main colors that are in an image and refer to a single solid color to print with.  A print job can have multiple spot colors and are usually printed using the Pantone (PMS) color system that allows for consistent color outcomes.


    There is also printing with CMYK colors, which uses a blend of just four inks; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.  This allows printers to produce a wide range of colors by combining them in many different proportions.  CMYK printing is ideal for producing a full color image where there are too many colors to count, or there is a blending of colors. 

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