Well OK, let's do this.

This was the saying that inspired the name for the store we now call ours. Such a fitting name for something that was not planned by us, but by God.

It started back in 2021 when we needed decals for our new truck. Yes, we own a trucking company too. But you may be wondering who we are? Let's take a little ride.

We (Natalie and John) have always been involved in entrepreneurship and currently have three

successful businesses together. Natalie has been a long time equestrian, with that being her main focus for more than 20 years up until 2019 when she and her family decided to sell the largest riding school in Johnston County and move forward with a new adventure.

She has always been very creative with an eye for art in the form of graphics and graphic design.

John has been in the trucking career most of his life, gaining extensive knowledge in the process that moves freight around the country for everyday products essential to the lives of American families.

For some, this may not seem like a productive lifestyle, but he brought food to people’s tables, supplies to stores and, in layman's terms, kept America moving.

Natalie had also been in the trucking industry for several years, transporting horses and hauling flatbed

freight. So, when the two put their heads together for a trucking company, it succeeded.

Well OK, let's move on to what we now do.

John is still an everyday driver in the trucking company, and Natalie runs the Well OK store. The store, which was built with a need for vinyl decals for a truck, has since blossomed into a store front.

When we saw a consumer need — apparel, screen printing or sublimation, to name a few — we said, “Well, OK,” and tried to meet it.

That's why a 900-square foot storefront in November 2021 doubled to 1,800 within six months and has since expanded to 2,800 square feet. And it's getting a little tight in here again.

Well OK is a store for everyone. On the sales floor, you will find items for your vinyl needs, sublimation, tools, blank shirts of all sorts and owners that want to help you.

Whether it's retail or wholesale, screen printing, embroidery, custom shirts, custom signage or pretty much anything else you can imagine, your dreams can be brought to life with the friendly faces at Well OK Vinyl Creations and More!